Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Arab Revolutions - Are they Predictable?

Many people around the world were somewhat shocked when the Arabs started to revolt, the Arabs them self realized that together, they weren't scared of the US dictators that sleep all over the Arab World. But weren't these revolutions predictable? From the words of the Qura'an to the Arabs themselves, it all predicts that the Arab people will stand without fear, and that they'll break the chains that the American (& other) dictators have put upon them. Muhammed (PBUH) stated that a time will come "when no Arab household will be safe", he also said that "Syria will be in great danger" isn't thats what happening now. A sign? The last day? Repent? The Arab future? Too many questions and no answers. For we only have time sitting on our shoulders, and each step we take, the minute hand begins to move.

When I noticed the trail of Arab countries revolting I wasn't surprised, and I believe i'm not the only one. Everyone needs to play there role, and I also believe these Arab revolutions will only be the beginning, the final war is near. Needless to say, the ongoing Palestine - Israeli conflict will a mass to a huge war, coinciding with the Arab revolutions bringing in France, Britain & USA. And the fight will begin.  Its all predictable. Yet many are blind.

Libya hasn't won, Egypt hasn't won. Simple because they've taken over a dictator doesn't nessecarily mean that they've won. Protests and rallies are still on going and their freedom is yet to arrive in their hands. The only answer to taken over the SCAF, to takeover any leftovers that are causing michief and trouble. Is Arab Unity. The Arab revolutions are bringing about a Arab Republic, something that dictators in the Middle East lack A LOT. The ILLEGAL israeli occupation on Palestine will only break if Arabs unite and take back the land for Palestine. Its all too predictable.
Isa (Jesus) PBUH will descend from the skies to a mountain in Damascus, Syria. He will only come when the "arab world is filled with blood"
I warn you all, we haven't got long, although I doubt it that i'm the only that believes so. The hyprocrisy and indenial that the Zionists have painted on Arabs is shameful, and unfortunately as blind as the world is, they'll believe anything.
Personally I believe that no "man" started the revolutions in Tunisia. I believe it was an "angel" who walked the streets shouting "down with Ben Ali" persuading others to join. I could be wrong, but this certainly did lead to several other countries going into revolt. And It will certainly break the chains that are wrapped around our tongues.

Facing our fears, battling those who disgrace us, how long will these revolutions go on for? It started in 2010 and there still going strong well into 2012, if anything there getting worse, more people dying, several people homeless, many injured. The Arab lands are in a "warzone". Yet the world only watches as the people fight for their rights. As they fight for their freedom. As they fight for their country. As they fight for each other. Together hand in hand we will stay strong. From Tunisia to Bahrain, from Bahrain to Palestine, to Egypt, to Yemen, to Syria and the other Arab countries. Inshallah we will all prevail, and we'll dance, and we'll sing when all the Arab countries are free from the innocent blood that falls from the clouds every night. The martyrs that have risked their LIVES for the safety of their brothers and sisters, for their country. How much can we take? Will we give up? NEVER. We will NEVER GIVE UP.

I'm only trying to get my voice heard, my thoughts heard, regardless of people calling me a liar and so, I will not give up. Giving a voice to the voiceless is what I do, and my dream is to make sure the word "poverty" does not exist in the dictionary. Inshallah, my dreams will come true.

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