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Tunisia: The Arab Country that ignited the Arab Spring

Tunisians celebrate the one-year anniversary of the revolution that kicked off the Arab Spring.

Tunisia celebrated the first anniversary of its January 14 revolution, when the autocrat residing in Carthage had to flee.

There are many ways of marking a historical benchmark such as the ousting of a dictator. But what is the significance of January 14? Is it just a question of a national day - or even a Pan-Arab day - when the Arab Spring sprung? Is it about enumerating the anniversaries of a spectacular escape? Or is it an idea and an ideal requiring renewal and stock-taking?
Its about taking a stand, telling the dictators that your "permanent" chains have been broken. Its about raising your voice. Its about changing the face of Tunisia. Its about, the people.

In year one of the revolution, everything must be about directed at giving meaning to the word "people" - in politics as well as in the arts - in every sphere where peoplehood must mean sovereign, sublime, ennobled and sacred.

Unfortunately, the Arab dictators ignored the early subtle waning signs of reaching the people's demands, so they brought about a revolution, its that simple. It will soon change the face of the Arab World, affecting the Arab diaspora which is primarily in Latin America. 

"The people will"  a phrase that is destined for a career in any demos. A people who will also do not will. It is the double meaning that makes it spectacularly an embodiment of people, people hood and a sovereign people.  It has a special ring to it - and only on 14th of January it reverberates when chanted en masse, echoing zest in the expression of will, determination, invincibility and people hood. That was in Cairo, as hundreds toured around Tahrir Square and neighbouring streets chanting "the people's will [is] for the field marshals to depart".

Although, I assume, Tunisia isn't aware of what change they have caused, ousting Ben Ali was only the beginning, more than 15 Arab countries have successfully followed, although none of them are successful, as of yet. Regardless of Gadaffi or Mubarak's throne being be throttled by the people, their countries are still torn to bits. With bitter scars among the people and their hearts, metaphorically and literally, As well as other Arab countries who are in turmoil as I write this, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia who is waking up as well. What do we need? What will prevent all these innocent deaths? How will this issue be solved? Unity of the Arabs. Not unity of the Power. But unity of the People, the Arab people, regardless of religion, the Arab revolutions are bringing about, an Arab Republic. Where soon, America and Israel will be shaking in their knees
Unfortunately, only clocks have mouths, and only time will tell.

Endless images depict the conception of the Arab Spring in Tunisia a year ago. The man in a shooting posture playing out some kind of "exterminator", spraying imaginary bullets with a baguette at a long line of police riots in the Habib Bourguiba Boulevard representing words that one cannot express from their mouth,
Defiance for bread and resistance for freedom are inseparable. People were not hungry. Or rather, they were hungry - for the enabling means to be, to share a homeland as equals, to provide, and to feel free.
The bird cages lifted high, their doors open, metaphorically giving their imaginary residents an opening - from which they flutter their wings on a much vaunted flight of freedom - was one of the memorable tableaux vivants of that revolution.

The Tunisian people have brought to the public sphere - when resisting in January 2011 and when voting in October - the intelligence, defiance, resources, creativity, and norms worthy of a government matching what they achieved: releasing imaginary birds of hope into freedom, and forcing one infamous dictator on an aimless 
one-way flight out of the country of the free, and soon, the Arab countries will all be free from all the lies and hypocrisy that had "accidentally" spilled from US & Israel all over the Middle East. 

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