Monday, 30 January 2012

Syria; Its Only The Beginning

As the crisis enters a new, more violent phase, we ask if there is still room for a solution?

With all the signs indicating that Syria is indeed sliding towards civil war, what is the international community doing? Why does Russia remain opposed to regime change? And can there still be a political solution?

The Arab League's 165-person mission to Syria came to an end on Thursday, amid much condemnation and continuing violence. More than 400 protesters have been killed while the observers were in the country

Unfortunately the conditions in Syria will only worsen, Bashar Al - Assad has no sympathy for his people and the Western World primarily America, is enjoying every bit of it. I used to think that Iran was a role model to the Islamic World, but to know that the Iranian President is also sending troops to help Bashar Al - Assad? Its sickening. The world is only going down from here, and these Arab Revolutions will last for a VERY long time.

"No Arab household will be safe" A major sign that the day of Judgement is near in Islam. If one just open his eyes and realises what is really happening in the world, let alone the Arab World. Then there world, would change.

Syria will go through Civil War. It is the only way. The situation that struck Libya, where Libyan fighters fought until they took over Tripoli mirrored a similar scene which took place in Syria on Sunday 29th of January. The Free Syrian army were on the outskirts of Damascus but unfortunately Russian tanks were well equipped to back off any invasion. I believe the calamity that is hitting Syria will destroy the Arab World. However it is oblivious to many. China and Russia as well as Iran are holding Bashar Al - Assads hands, and they won't let go unless we make them.

There are millions of questions that still need to be answered

Will there be more Eastern or Western Inventions in Syria?
Will the Syrian revolution destroy the Arab World?
Will Al - Qaeda use Syria as a safe haven after the revolution has bitterly destroyed the place?
How many more will die?
Is it time to abolish the Arab League?
What is really firing the deaths, Assad's army? American intervention? Thugs and Gangs?
What is Qatar's real intentions? Do they want to help the Syrians? Didn't recordings and documents leak regarding the Qatar president wanting to takeover Saudi Arabia?
What is the solution to the Arab Revolutions?

The PEOPLE are the only PEOPLE we can trust and we need to abolish Arab dictatorship.

The worst case scenario is that after the revolution, Syria will be in pieces. And low and behold, Al - Qaeda will take over, unfortunately this is very likely as they've finished with Iraq and there best choice is Syria.

Regardless of what is going on in the Middle East, has one taken into consideration of the spirit of the people? How they have this, determination that will virtually obstruct anything that gets in its way. Its fascinating.
From Tunisia to Bahrain, the only way to overcome what has landed upon us, its unity. I've mentioned this before and i'll mention it again, Unity is the only way forward. There are 23 Arab countries (Sudan has split), so whats stopping us? Building an Arab Republic, with no blood from America or Russia or any other country for that matter.  For years someone has tried to invade the Middle East. From the British to the French.
And well I for one have had ENOUGH. I'm tired of Arabs suffering. I'm tired of the Palestinian occupation. I'm tired of the blood, the deaths, the innocence of women that has been lost due to rape and sexual abuse.
The Arab World is corrupt, and we need to act, FAST.
Mark my words, I won't allow this to continue, I may be outnumbered, but to make a difference in the world is what I strive for, and believe me, i'll do it.

Thank you for reading

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  1. Hi. I saw your tweets, and I'm guessing that it will probably be a little while before you get to this, but I had a couple of questions for you. Just, you seem to consider the revolutions from last spring as being inspired by the same spirit and able to usher in a new zeitgeist in the Arab world. Do you still think that? And, if so, why? My general impression is of separateness, particularly in Syria, but I'd like to hear other opinions. Is having an Arab unity the only way that these revolutions could all end in peace? Would that strengthen or weaken the individual revolutions? Could it maybe act as a buffer/shield against apparently un-forthcoming Western aid?

    By the way, I'm just speculating and please let me know if I've managed to say something completely wrong.

    If you have the time and inclination to write a post answering them, that would be fantastic. But, if you are too busy I promise I'll understand and not stop reading!

    Thanks! Shelby