Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The US war of words against Syria

The US war of words against Syria is marred by hypocrisy and a lack of realism.

As President Barack Obama’s call for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to relinquish power, the Syrians push harder to completely abolish Assad’s regime. And if its worked in Tunisia, Egypt and currently Libya then why not in Syria?
Over 2,000 people of innocence have died in Syria, and I ask my self, surely people can’t be killed just for standing up for themselves or trying to justify actions that don’t even need to be justified. But the irony of it, is that this is the way this world works. The people don’t have the power, we’re controlled without even knowing it. But thats going to change, well in the Arab World it will
Assad deserves no pity. He has killed tens of thousands even during his tenure. Political prisoners in Syria languish in secret prisons. But the same is true in Obama’s American gulags, which span the globe from Guantanamo to Bagram to Diego Garcia to the Californian state prison system, where inmates go insane after years in solitary confinement. Where is Obama’s moral standing? Who tells Obama it’s his time to scoot? Assad is a dictator, and always has been, as was his father. As Obama knows, Assad’s regime was once convenient, not least for Israel, which appreciated the fact that Assad’s primary motivation was not the retrieval of the Golan Heights but rather the suppression of internal dissent. Obama’s phony request that Assad lead Syria to democracy is like asking a tiger to lead a lamb to safety. It’s nothing but bluster that reflects the simple fact that this Syrian thug has outlived his usefulness to the US and its allies.
What’s interesting about the US war of words against Assad is its “here we go again” quality. No matter which side of the Rubik’s cube of regime change one examines, the United States repeatedly deploys tactics without strategy - tactics proven counterproductive time after time after time.In a world with one superpower, it’s almost as though, in order to guarantee order in the universe, the gods have given the United States one undefeatable enemy: its own incompetence.
The Arab Spring has led to personnel changes in Tunisia and Egypt, not revolution. Revolution is the radical reallocation of power and wealth from one whole class of elites to another class or classes. Anything short of revolution is reform; reform isn’t enough to fix a broken government.
“The future of Syria must be determined by its people, and its people only.
 The world is ruled by dictators, and we’ve fallen into their hands with out even knowing it.
God gave us eyes, and a thirst for knowledge. So lets use it, to OUR advantage
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